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     Oakley Audio Studios is a Digital 32-track Studio with MIDI, based around Roland's Flagship VS-2480 Recorder. The main control / studio room is 17' by 22', and the roomy vocal booth is 4' by 5' with a 7' ceiling, large enough to fit two singers comfortably. The studio can provide for many types of projects and services:
Recordings; from single voice with music to full band recordings;
Composition and rendering of any type of music: songs, commercials, performance pieces (see Audio Examples page);
16 to 24 track live recording (see Location Recording page);
Mixing of tracks recorded at Oakley Audio Studios or from outside sources;
Exporting of tracks recorded by Oakley Audio Studios for mixing at outside sources;
Mastering services, CD sequencing & assembly;
Sample editing and Patch construction, sample translations from one format to another.
In addition to 32 audio tracks, there is also:  
microphones by Shure,  AKG and Crown;
a selection of MIDI tone modules, drum machines & synthesizers;
several samplers with a large sample library (over 150 disks);
7 piece Tama Artstar drum set with Sabian cymbals, several snare drums;
Acoustic and Electric guitars;
a collection of African and Ethnic drums and percussion.
a Kawai 5'5'' black acoustic grand piano
a Roland Midi 88 key weighted action keyboard