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     Oakley Audio has been providing sound, lighting and production services for a wide range of clients in Southern Ontario for the past 15 years. From weddings and corporate events, small banquet halls and theaters to large scale outdoor concerts and festivals, Oakley Audio has consistently maintained a high level of excellent sound and customer satisfaction balanced by reasonable pricing and full dependability.
     Our clients include some of Southern Ontario's finest and most talented bands and performers, government municipalities, outdoor festival series, ethnic performers and nightclubs. We have provided sound, lighting and video services for major events at many of the regions top venues, including the Toronto International Center, Pearson Convention Center, Toronto Congress Center and Rogers Center (Skydome).
     Probably the most important "secret" to our success is mixing music from a musician's perspective, as opposed to a purely technical standpoint. All of Oakley Audio's engineers are accomplished musicians with musical training, as well as being experienced audio professionals. We understand that each style of music has its own unique parameters and should sound a certain way, and that each audience expects their music to be presented to them with the correct mix at the correct volume.