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-Recording Equipment-
Our main recording platform is the Roland VS-2480:
        The VS-2480 24-track Digital Studio Workstation is the first self-contained recording workstation to offer 24-track/24-bit
digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing, onboard effects processing and onboard CD burning. This revolutionary
workstation also boasts 17 motorized faders, plus a VGA Monitor Output for software-style control using a mouse and
optional ASCII keyboard.  
       Rock-solid hardware with the flexibility of software - that's the VS-2480.

Self-contained 24-track/24-bit/96kHz digital recording workstation with CD-RW drive
80GB hard drive for unprecedented recording time
24-track playback; 16-track simultaneous recording with 384 v-tracks
"Drag-and-drop" control using included mouse and ASCII keyboard
64-channel, fully automated digital mixer with 17 motorized faders
Professional-quality connections including 8 XLR/16 balanced trs mic/line inputs, SPDIF Digital and TOS-Link Optical
Dynamics processing and 5-band EQ on every channel
8 stereo effects processors including Cosm® Mic, Speaker and Guitar Amp modeling, Mastering Tool Kit, Reverb, Delay, Chorus/Flanging, Vocorder, etc.
24-voice Phrase Pads for triggering and arranging samples
CD Capture function for importing audio and .wav files
Dual 8-channel R-Bus ports for expandable I/O in a variety of analog and digital formats; SMPTE and word clock input
VGA Monitor Output with stellar graphics including mouse-based waveform editing and control

The VS-2480 gives you 24 tracks of 24-bit recording, 384 Virtual Tracks and a 64-channel automated digital mixer with 17 motorized faders. The VS-2480's stereo 24-bit effects processors provide everything from COSM Mic and Speaker Modeling to a Mastering Tool Kit. And with R-BUS expandability, you can add 16 additional channels of analog or digital I/O.

Currently, our VS-2480 is fully expanded to 2 VS8F-3 Effect boards (totaling 4 stereo effects) and 2 VS8F-3 Plug-in boards with the following plug-ins:
-Universal Audio 1176 Compressor
-Universal Audio LA-2A Compressor
-Antares Auto -Tune
-IK Multimedia T-Racks Mastering Software
-SoundToys Sound Blender
-McDSP ChromeTone Amp Guitar Effects
-Roland Pre-Amp Modeling, Tempo-Sync Delay, 56-bit Reverb, Vocal Channel Strip and Mastering Room.
We also use a VGA monitor and mouse, MB-24 meterbridge, DIF-AT and DIF-AT24,  Song-Vault External DVD burner, Roland CDR-III CD burner, and a 120G Song Vault External back-up hard drive.

The VS-2480 records 16 tracks and plays back 24 tracks. For situations (such as live recordings) when up to 24 tracks need to be recorded, we also use the Roland VSR-880:

This unit has the same 24 bit recording quality as the VS-2480, records 8 tracks, and integrates perfectly (via Roland's R-Bus protocol) to create a 24 track capture / 32 track playback recording system. It also makes a great stand-alone unit when only
2 - 8 track recording is required.

-Mic's and Analog Processing-

-Audio Technica AT4040 (1)
-Shure Beta 87 (5)
-Shure Beta 52 (2)
-Shure SM 57 (7)
-Shure Beta 58 (3)
-Crown CM 700 (2)
-Shure SM 58
-Shure Beta 98 D/S (4)
-AKG C535 EB  
-8 Rapco DB100 DI's
-1 Radial JDI DI

Outboard Analog Processing:
Mackie Onyx 800R 8 ch. Mic Preamp
Presonus ACP88 8 ch. compressor/gates
DBX 1046 Quad Gate
Lexicon MPX-500
Alesis Quadraverb, Nanoverb

Tannoy PBM 6.5 Studio Monitors
Mackie HRM 56 6 ch.. Headphone Distribution System; Sony 7506 and Roland Headphones

-Keyboards and MIDI-

Much of our work at Oakley Audio Recording includes programming keyboard and full instrumental tracks with MIDI. Our current Keyboard set-up includes:

-Peavey DPM SP Sampler (with large 150+  CD sound library, including many custom sounds)
-Peavey DPM SP+ Sampler
-DPM SX-II Sample Expander
-Roland U-110 Sound Module (with all U-110 expansion cards)
-Roland U-220 Sound Module
-Korg X3-R Sound Module
-Roland D-50 Keyboard
-Rhodes MK80 88 key weighted-action Keyboard
-Boss DR-660 Drum Machine
-Yamaha QX-3 Sequencer
-DrumKAT 3.8

Check out the Audio Examples page to hear our compositions and arrangements.