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We offer 3 sizes of sound systems, depending on the size of audience and coverage area.

Powered Mixer:  For small audiences of up to 200 people, we offer a powered mixer system built around Yorkville's PowerMAX 16 - 16 Channel Mixer. This system typically comprises of a Yorkville PowerMAX 16 powered mixer, a pair of Elite MX 401 Main speakers (15" + 1" horn) on stands, a powered Subwoofer, 4 wedge Monitors (15" + horn) on 2 separate mixes, Eight 150 w. Par 48 lights on two stands (4 per side), Mic's and DI's, and a CD player.


Elite Stereo 3-Way Systems:  For audiences of 250 -800, we offer a range of systems utilizing Elite Speakers, Roland Digital and Mackie Mixers.

Single System: Our main rental system. This package consists of a pair of Elite MX 401 top speakers, a pair of Elite SW-800 sub-woofers, 6-8 15" + horn monitors on 4 separate mixes, a 24 or 32 channel mixer, full Front-of-House processing (3-4 stereo effects, 8-12 compressors/gates, stereo 31-band Mains EQ, 31-band EQ's on all monitor mixes, crossover), 32 channel snake, CD player, and all required mic's and DI's. The system is run in stereo. This sized set-up will cover audiences of 200-500 people.

Double Tops System: This system is the same as the Single System, with the addition of a second pair of Elite MX 401 top speakers on stands, making four in total (plus subs). This system is ideal when wide coverage is needed, as in the following set-ups:

     -When the audience is seated in front of and to the sides of the stage.
     -If the room is very long, and the stage is set up against the long wall, the extra tops may be placed 50 ft. down each wall from the   
      stage, to give even coverage to the whole room.

This sized set-up will cover audiences of 300-700 people.

Double System: This set-up takes the Single System and doubles the number of Main speakers to four Elite MX-401 tops and four SW-800 Subs. Great for shows where a big, full sound is needed.

This sized set-up will cover audiences of 500-800 people.

Adamson Stereo 4-Way Systems: For audiences of 1, 000 - 8, 000, indoors or outdoors, Oakley Audio owns a 24-box Adamson MH-225 System. This system is an long throw, active 4-way stereo P.A. in a  "3-box stack" configuration, and therefore is generally used in multiples of 6 boxes (usually 12, 18 or 24). The bottom box is the Adamson S-218 sub (double 18"-front loaded) on top of which is the Adamson B-218 (double 18" low frequency "clamshell" design) and then the Adamson MH-225 Mid-Hi enclosure (7: Mid, 2" Hi). A 32 or 40 ch. Front of House setup and  8-12 Monitors on 4-6 Mixes is included.

Adamson Systems: Call for price quote.

Lighting: Oakley Audio can provide many different styles and configurations of lighting, from stage washes, follow spots, moving effect and DJ lighting to room decoration and theme lights. For typical "band" events, we use the Yorkville LP-304 bars, upgraded to 500 watt Par 56 cans, in groups of eight.

8 Lights: Two Yorkville LP 304 bars (8 lights) on stands, with LP-608 controller, all cables.

16 Lights: Four Yorkville LP 304 bars (16 lights) on stands, with LP-608 controller, all cables.

Room decoration, Follow Spots, Intelligent, Moving and Effect Lighting: Call for price quote.

Wireless Microphones: Oakley Audio uses the Shure UC2/UC4 UHF Wireless Mic systems with Beta 87 capsules.

Sidestage Monitor Console:  For large shows, a monitor board and engineer at sidestage can quickly communicate with performers for monitor requirements.

Live Multi-Track Recording: Either stereo 2-Track or full 24 Track recordings can be made of your concert. See the Recording section or contact us for details.

Outdoor Stages: Oakley Audio can supply portable, outdoor performance stages in sizes from 24'x20' to 50'x40'. Please call for a quote.